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Open Monday to Friday, 5 am to 9 pm; Saturday, 6 am to 6 pm; Sunday 8 am to 5 pm.

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Group Exercise Classes

Membership at the Keene Family YMCA has many benefits. Like unlimited access to more than 70 group exercise classes every week. Our classes are led by dynamic fitness professionals who will guide you through everything from Aquacise to Zumba.

find the motivation you need to take your fitness to the next level

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Our group exercise program is one of the many ways the Y supports members in achieving their health and wellness goals.

Led by highly trained and dedicated instructors, we’ll help you find the motivation you need to take your fitness to the next level. Besides, we all know it’s easier to get motivated when you’re surrounded by others who share the same goal. At the Y, our supportive community will inspire you to find your inner strength so you can expand your health in spirit, mind and body.

Get ready for a great workout.

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Introducing the new keene family ymca mobile app

The Keene Family YMCA mobile app is going to elevate your experience, making it easier than ever to stay up-to-date with everything that’s happening at the Y. You’ll quickly be able to access facility hours, schedule updates, coming events, and more. The new app also makes it easier for you to discover and register for programs, reserve a spot in your favorite group exercise class, or find your new passion.

Download the app by clicking here on your mobile device, or by searching Keene Family YMCA in the App Store or Google Play. Be sure to download the one with the purple icon! 

If you need assistance, our Welcome Center staff are there to help. Just give us a call at 603.352.6002, or send an email to our Member Services Department  and we’ll help get you going.

Classes Offered

Our schedule may change month to month, but these are some of the many classes that are available for members each week. For the most up-to-date schedule, download the Y app.

AEA Arthritis Foundation Aquatics Program

A group exercise program that uses a variety of water-based exercises to increase physical activity among adults with arthritis and related conditions. This class takes place in our Teaching Pool.


This class combines ballet-inspired movements and resistance training to create a unique take on a traditional Barre class. We’ll focus on low-impact, high-intensity movements to strengthen our entire bodies using bodyweight, resistance bands and dumbbells.

Anything Goes!

You’ll never know what our instructors will come up with next! This class is a combination of cardio and strength training. Guaranteed to shake up your routine!

Aqua Bike & Box

Get into the liquid Gym with this hybrid class of Aqua Cycling and Aqua Cardioboxing using water bikes and gloves.

Aqua Board Flow

Part of the new Liquid Gym, Aqua Board Flow is a balance and strength-based water fitness class that uses inflatable Aqua Boards in the lap pool. It is a total body workout that is designed to improve balance and focus while increasing strength, endurance and flexibility.

Aqua Combat

Part of the new Liquid Gym, Aqua Combat is an underwater cardio-kickboxing class using resistance gloves for a full body workout that will leave you feeling exhilarated. Throwing punches and kicks underwater adds a whole new level of difficulty to this fun and challenging class.

Aqua Cycle

Part of the new Liquid Gym, Aqua Cycle is an underwater spin class, offering a challenging low-impact cardio workout. In addition to strengthening your cardiovascular endurance, this class will help you build lower body and core strength. Aqua shoes are highly recommended!


This class is perfect for those new to water aerobics, and is appropriate for all fitness levels. Taught in shallow water, this class uses the resistance of the water and sometimes hand bells or noodles.


A total body cardio and strength workout that includes intervals and circuit training. This is a fast-paced, energetic class that can be modified for all fitness levels.

Build & Burn

Using weights, resistance bands, and bodyweight, this class builds muscle and endurance with slow, controlled movements. There is a strong focus on good form to protect our joints through all movements.

Cardio/Strength Intervals

Non-contact cardio kickboxing moves paired with strength exercises keep you moving for a powerful and fun workout. Core work and stretching included!

Core 360

A low impact but high intensity strength workout that improves muscle tone, posture, flexibility and confidence. We blend Yoga, Pilates, functional strength, and balance-focused movements set to fun music to challenge your entire body. We incorporate props such as light weights and resistance bands, and exercise both standing and on the mat. 

Core & More

In this class our main focus is to strengthen our core while doing upper and lower body exercise combinations to give you a total body workout.

Cross Training

This is a high-intensity class that will help you reach your peak conditioning. You can expect to run, lift and a lot more.

Cycling Class

A non-impact, high energy cardio ride on stationary bikes that simulates a road bike workout to music. A great way to increase your cardiovascular fitness!

Deep H2O Challenge

A non-impact, modifiable class for every level taught in the deep end of the pool. Float belts are provided to help you focus and maximize the effectiveness of every move.

Deep Water Power

This class will get your heart pumping with Tabatas (timed interval workouts), circuits, HIIT training and more. Class is taught in the deep water and is for all levels. Float belts will be used for this class. Come join the fun!

Fit & Active

Active Older Adults and beginners can have fun and move to the music through a variety of exercises designed to increase muscular strength and range of movement to improve daily activity.

Fit & Active Yoga

Active Older Adults and beginners can have fun and move to the music through a variety of exercises designed to increase muscular strength and range of movement to improve daily activity. Yoga postures included.

Gentle Yoga

A yoga class for beginners, or for those who have mobility limitations.

Muscle Tone

This is a low impact, total body strength workout with an emphasis on core strength development. All levels are welcome.

Pat's Power Hour

Pat’s Power Hour class held on the track is a combination of strength, agility, stretching and core training. In this class you will alternate between weightlifting and cardio for a full body workout that will keep your heart pumping as well as challenge your power!


You’ll develop long, lean muscles and body awareness in this class while working your smaller core muscles that support the body’s large muscle groups. Varying degrees of difficulty make this a perfect class for all fitness levels.

Power Cycling

This class is a power-based cycling class that uses individual measurement of power output to improve strength, stamina and speed. Ride profiles are tailored specifically to improve performance over time.

Pump It!

This exciting and effective class offers a complete strength and resistance training workout using an adjustable barbell. You’ll work all of the major muscle groups!


You’ll participate in strongman style events scaled to your level of strength. You’ll get stronger, improve your conditioning, and have fun doing it!


Develop long, lean muscles and improve your body awareness in this rejuvenating class. You’ll work your smaller core muscles – the muscles that support the body’s large muscle groups – and leave feeling revived and strong.

Pump It!

In this exciting and effective class you’ll work all of your major muscle groups using an adjustable barbell.

Qigong/Tai Chi

This class offers relaxing movements that promote increased circulation, better balance, and a centered, peaceful state of mind.

Senior Circuit

This beginner focused, small group training class meets on the Wellness Floor and gives older adults the opportunity to experience the benefits of strength training using specialized equipment to target each muscle group.

Strength & Stretch

This total body strength & stretch class focuses on improving mobility, stability, strength, and flexibility.  Learning and practicing correct form and movement patterns with each exercise are integral parts of this class

Strength Circuit

In this class you’ll tackle a different strength training circuit every session using a variety of equipment to activate all of your major muscle groups.


Build strength, endurance, and flexibility with this suspension training class. A full-body workout, TRX® will challenge you with your own bodyweight to get stronger, faster.

TRX® + Cardio

Suspension strength training combined with bursts of cardiovascular exercise will give you a challenging full-body workout in one lively hour.

TRX® + Core

This hybrid class combines suspension strength and core training both standing and on the mat and incorporates exercises off the straps using dumbbells, resistance tubes, and stability balls.

Women with Weights

Learn to use weightlifting to build strength for everyday activities, prevent or treat osteoporosis, and accomplish your fitness goals. In this class, you’ll use kettlebells and dumbbells to increase total body strength.

Yoga & Yoga for You/All

The Y offers a variety of yoga options. Each instructor brings their own style to the mat. Yoga will strengthen you, relieve stress, and revive your body without straining your joints.

Yoga with a Chair

If you want to practice yoga, but are concerned about having to get down and up off of the floor, this is the class for you. This practice will introduce participants to poses that can be done with, or in a chair. We’ll also practice simple breath work and meditation.

Yoga Sculpt

Yoga postures and flow combined with light strength conditioning will help improve your balance, coordination and body awareness (proprioception).


Join us as we dance, shake and sweat our way to better health to Latin-inspired rhythms. Zumba® combines high energy moves with motivating music. This class is appropriate for all fitness levels.

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