Impressed Campers

While sitting at my desk this afternoon I overheard two young campers outside my office discussing the Annual Campaign progress board. Camper One: “Did you see how much money we raised?” (I love the use of ‘we’!!) Camper Two: “Where? I don’t see!” Camper One: “Right here.  It says one-hundred-nine-hundred-forty-eight thousand dollars.” $100,948 – she was […]

Trying Something New Could Be Right For You

Y Member Valerie Hansen shares some insight into trying something new- “I thought I would let you and new members know how happy I am that I tried some new classes at the Y. I have gone to several different yoga classes all of which were adaptable to all levels. In addition I have tried […]

Fitness Fridays with the CIT’s

This past Friday was my first Fitness Fridays with our Counselors in Training (CIT) summer camp program here at the Keene Family YMCA. At first the 7 CIT’s didn’t seem very happy in  having to do the circuit training class I had prepared for them. Their initial reaction was that “are you serious” look,  but once they go […]


Nurturing the potential of every youth and teen sharing their summer with us this year at Camp Wakonda, Camp Jumping Jacks, CIT, Gymnastics Camp, Youth and Girl’s Sports Camps and Teen Climbing Camp. 

Congrats to Young Climber Tucker Warden

Nine-year-old, YMCA member, Tucker Warden has officially become the first person to join the Y’s Mile High Climbing Club. At the beginning of the year we offered two challenges to climbers. The first was to climb all seven routes on the climbing wall, named the “Seven Summits Challenge” after a mountaineering feat of the same name that involves climbing the highest peak […]