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Open Monday to Friday, 5 am to 9 pm; Saturday, 6 am to 6 pm; Sunday 8 am to 5 pm.

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Our 30’ indoor climbing wall will challenge you to reach new heights in your wellness journey. You’ll build strength and stamina while developing your coordination and giving your self-confidence a healthy boost. No matter how you send it, climbing is a great way to mix up your routine.

The Keene Family YMCA climbing program offers climbers of all ages and abilities the opportunity to test their mettle on their 30’ indoor rock wall.

two kids helping each other climb the rock wall at the keene YMCA

The centerpiece of the Y’s lobby, the wall boasts five different routes of varying difficulty, with enough natural features and holds to challenge even the most seasoned climber.

We offer beginner-advanced climbing instruction and belay certification for anyone interested in learning about this exciting sport, and lots of free open climb opportunities for our members.

Climbing INstruction

Climbing is an exhilarating and rewarding sport that builds stamina and endurance, develops hand, foot and eye coordination, increases strength and flexibility, boosts confidence, and improves decision-making and problem solving skills. Here at the Keene Family YMCA, we strive to create an emotionally safe and physically secure climbing education environment where climbing students can ask questions, strengthen teamwork, and overcome challenges so they can continue to grow and learn.

Open Climb

Ages 5+

Open Climb is one of the many free family programs available for YMCA members. Members are welcome to use the wall for free during Open Climb. No previous climbing experience necessary-there will be a belay-certified staff member available to assist. Sessions are limited to four people per 60-minute class, and you must reserve your spot up to 24 hours in advance through the Y mobile app.

Climbing 101

Ages 5+

A snapshot of indoor climbing, geared towards the curious beginner who wants to climb for the joy of it. With a short commitment of 4 weeks, it’s a perfect introduction for those new to the sport of climbing, who want to develop solid climbing habits early on and perhaps challenge their fear of heights. Climbing 101 is a non-progressive class, focused on fun and recreation where we will teach you the essential principles applicable to any climbing gym using games and simple challenges.

Mountain Rockers

Ages 5+

Returning climbers or those getting serious about the sport are encouraged to join this class where instructors focus on honing basic skills and movements on the wall while solidifying secure equipment use and consistent climbing habits. Students will level up their skills, knowledge, strength, and stamina in this 8-week progressive course continuing to build upon skills learned in Climbing 101. Topics covered include, but are not limited to, belaying safety, technical terminology, climbing culture, and efficient movement.

Accessible Climbing 101

Ages 15+

This class consists of everything noted above for Climbing 101, only it’s designed for people with physical or developmental disabilities. Caregiver participation is required.

Belay Certification

Ages 16+

Get Belay Certified to assist with teaching classes or to use the climbing wall on your own. Class times will vary throughout the fall. Register through your Y app, or reach out to Emma Krishnaswami at

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