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Supporting Community Health and Wellness Challenge FREE FOR THE COMMUNITY

Wintervention Feb 1 - March 6, 2021

2021 is the year to focus on ourselves.  Challenge yourself, have some fun and give yourself a good “Wintervention”

5 weeks. 5 days. 20 minutes a day. 

FREE for all members of our community


Register today-February 6, 2021

The Wintervention Challenge begins February 1 – a FREE, 5-week challenge to support your journey toward a better you: “Be You, Do You, For You.” This challenge will encourage you to “move” for 20 minutes a day, at least 5 days a week for 5 weeks.

JOIN TODAY: Join us through our Private Facebook Page called Keene Family YMCA Wintervention Challenge 2021

If you do not have a Facebook account and want to join by email, please email Kelly Fleuette at

Join our cause of a healthier you, YMCA’s throughout the state of NH are here to help you do just that.  Our goal is to reach 5000 community members throughout the state with our Wintervention.

Help the Keene Family YMCA reach 500 community members.  Join today and pass the word!

How to participate

Each day we will post resources, workouts challenges and more on our Facebook page to keep you motivated and inspired. Our Goal 5 weeks. 5 days. 20 minutes per day.

When you register for Wintervention, you have joined a group of accountability partners to help see you through your journey.  This group is for us to come together as community, post our wellness journeys, and to encourage others as they work to complete the challenge. 

We have given each week a fun theme to better encourage the whole you. Our posts will include tips, resources, exercises, challenges and more to help you stay motivated, get connected with others, achieve your goals, and have fun! We will be your virtual accountability buddy!

Week 1 Feb 1-6: “Learn Something New, build a habit”

Week 2 Feb 7-13: “Healthy you, exercise and nutrition”

Week 3 Feb 14-20: ” Forever Caring, Random Acts of Kindness”

Week 4 Feb 21-27: “Let’s get outside, Enjoy NH”

Week 5 Feb 28-March 6: “It’s all about YOU, self-care/support”

Let the fun begin! We will be announcing new challenges each week for you to join!  We encourage you to participate and post your journey with us!

Members will enjoy fun inhouse challenges over the 5 weeks.

Non Members may use the  YMCA Wellness Center and Track as our guest  during the following hours:

Mon. Tue. Sat.  6-8am

Wed.  Fri.  12-2pm

Thur.  7-9am

Family Track time 3-5pm


Watch for weekly challenges and activities here!

Sneak Peek of what is ahead weekly for Wintervention.

During the 5 week challenge, we will be supporting and motivating you on this journey to be the best you can be. Each week you will receive resources, workouts and motivation through the private Facebook page or by email.  Here is a sample of what to expect:

  • Word of the Day Workout Daily posting at 5:00am
  • Daily Exercise Video/Program Daily posting at 8:00am
  • Resources focused on the weekly theme Monday Wednesday Friday posted at noon
  • Healthy Nutrition Recipes and resources Tuesday Thursday Saturday posted at noon
  • Outdoor fun Weekly ideas posted on Sunday 10am
  • Challenges announced Sundays for the week at noon
  • Motivation quotes and more Daily posting at 6pm
  • Community nonmembers are welcome to use the YMCA Wellness Center /Track during the following hours.
    Please check in at the welcome center with your ID. On your first visit please expect to complete
    paperwork to enter the building. Masks are always mandatory when not actively working out. Monday 6-8am, Tuesday 6-8am, Wednesday 12-2pm, Thursday 7-9pm, Friday 12-2pm Saturday 6-8am / 3-5pm

Every Wednesday at 1:15pm meet staff Kelly and Stacy by the YMCA entrance sign for a 20-30 minute walk and networking around the block. Masks required!

Join in House Challenges On the track join the “Y Wintervention Marathon” or in the pool our “Y Swim

Don’t forget to use your tracker to log your daily activity!
5 days| 20 min. | 5 weeks

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