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Monday-Friday: 5am to 9pm, Saturday: 6am to 6pm, Sunday: 8am to 5pm

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Here’s a chart that breaks down the equipment available in the Wellness Center  and the Track Center.

All Group Exercise Classes

Anything Goes

You’ll never know what our instructors will come up with next. This class is any combination of cardio and strength training. Guaranteed to shake up your routine.


A mellow class, perfect for those new to Water Aerobics and all levels. Taught in shallow water. Class uses body resistance and sometimes hand bells or noodles.


Build your strength, endurance, and balance to become long and lean. Easy to follow and unique. No prior ballet dance experience needed. All levels welcome.

Barre Above®

Squats, lunges, and core with balance challenges galore! A total body and low impact workout for all levels. Athletic movements striving for grace and proper body alignment. Strengthen and lengthen your muscles in this unique new fitness trend.

Barre Fusion®

This class gives a new spin to fitness! Fusing Barre ballet with cardio, athletic moves, and body sculpting, it’s a fun unique total body workout for all fitness levels.

Beginner/Intermediate Cycling

This cycling class is for beginners and intermediate cyclists. As a beginner you will learn how to set up your bike for a great cycling experience, so please come 5 minutes early so the instructor can help you get set up. Reserve your spot

Boot Camp

A total body cardio and strength workout which includes intervals and circuit training. This is a fast-paced energetic class that can be modified for all fitness levels.

Buns & Guns

In this class we target your glutes, legs, and arms in a circuit style format.

Butts & Guts

Burn fat and tone muscle while targeting the core and glute muscles.

Cross Training

This is a high-intensity class to reach your peak conditioning. You can expect to run, lift, and a lot more.

Cycling Class

A non-impact, high energy cardio ride on stationary bikes, simulating a road bike workout to music. Reserve your spot using the Y’s online reservation system.

Deep H2O

A non-impact, modifiable class for every level taught in the deep end of the lap pool. Float belts will be used for this class.

Deep Water Power

This class will get your heart pumping with tabatas, circuits, and more. Class is taught in the deep water. Float belts will be used for this class.

Functional Movement

This class will help you learn to roll, jump, climb, crawl, balance, and get up and down from the floor. It’s REAL world strength training.

Gentle Yoga

This yoga class is for the beginner or for someone who may have limitations.

H20 Fit

A fun class for all levels, set to high energy music taught in the shallow water. Body resistance based, though sometimes pool noodles will be used.

Interval Challenge

This is a great class to get you going at noon to pump up your afternoon. Intervals of strength and muscle toning along with cardio exercises give you a total body workout.


This class is a hardcore workout. Challenge yourself, train like a pro by using Kettlebells and your bodyweight. Develop core stabilization, strength, and endurance.

Kundalini Yoga

This Yoga practice is known as the “yoga of awareness”. This class follows a specific set of movements called kriyas to balance the body’s energy as taught by yogi Bayan. The kriyas work on strengthening the nervous system, balancing your glandular system, and purifying and calming the body.

Mindfulness class

This class focuses on relaxing the mind and body. Movements include mild stretching, mindful breathing, guided meditations, and being still.

MMA Training

Open to all abilities, this class will teach you basic self-defense and martial arts techniques as you flow through an amazing workout. This class will add new life to your exercise routine and you will learn new skills and techniques.

Muscle Tone

This is a low impact total body strength workout with an emphasis on core strength development. All levels welcome.

Power Sculpt

This class focuses on toning you from head to toe. We use a variety of tools that range from hand weights to stability balls. All levels welcome.

Pump It

Define yourself! This class offers a total body workout that will target all your major muscle groups.

Qigong Tai Chi

This class offers relaxing movements that promote increased circulation, better balance and a centered, peaceful state of mind.

Rip & Ride

This class will add a variety to your everyday indoor cycling class. A total body circuit workout with combinations of strength, cardio, and core. On the bike for your cardio portion and off the bike for your strength and core. Please no clip in shoes. Reserve your spot

Silver Cardio Circuit

Active Older Adults and beginners can have fun and move to the music through a variety of exercises designed to increase your heart rate, give you muscular strength, and improve range of movement all the while having fun.

Silver Strength

Active Older Adults and beginners can have fun and move to the music through a variety of exercises designed to increase muscular strength and range of movement to improve daily activity.

Silver Strength 2

At a lower intensity level than Silver Strength, this class for Active Older Adults and beginners moves through a variety of exercises designed to increase your heart rate, give you muscular strength, and increase range of movement to improve daily activity.


This cycling class is done using different types of interval training – speed, hills, tabatas. Come join the fun! Reserve your bike

Strength and Flex

This class focuses on a combination of strength training and stretching with a blend of TRX and Yoga inspired exercises.

Strength and Form

Strength training using different tools such as barbells, dumbbells, and other weights, while learning proper form.

Strength Circuit

This class focuses on strength training in a circuit utilizing different exercises, weights, and equipment.

Stretch and Stability

This class focuses on a combination of balance and stretching with a blend of Pilates and Yoga inspired exercises that build flexibility and strength.

Sunday Yoga

Intermediate Classical Yoga offered with Iyengar precision. Easily move beyond obstacles. Explore your optimum potential deeply and safely, with breath, heart and deep attention. Modifiable for a range of intermediate students, but adventurous.

Tai Chi

This class offers relaxing movements that promote increased circulation, better balance, and a centered, peaceful state of mind.

The Ultimate Challenge

Does your routine sometimes bore you? Why not change it up by doing something different. In this class you will participate in “Strongman” style events scaled to your level of strength . You’ll get strong, improve your conditioning and have fun doing it!

Total Body Mix

Combines basic step cardio with lighter weights and resistance equipment. You make it what you want.


Build strength, endurance, and flexibility with our suspension training classes. Reserve your spot using the Y’s online reservation system.

TRX® Body Blast

Pump, sculpt, strengthen your muscles, and blast away calories! Fun, challenging workout that combines cardio intervals using TRX, free weights and lots of other fitness tools. Reserve your spot

TRX® Strength

Half of the class will be in the TRX® and the other half will be using other equipment. Reserve your spot using the online reservation system.

Women With Weights

Learn to use weight training to reach your fitness goals, build strength for everyday activities and prevent or treat osteoporosis. This class will use kettlebells and dumbbells to increase total body strength.


The Y offers a variety of yoga options. Each instructor brings their own style to their class. This class will strengthen, relieve stress and revive your body without the difficulty or strain on your back and knees.

Yoga Flow

This Yoga class has more active flowing poses and fewer static poses.


Come join us as we dance, shake, and sweat our way to health with Latin-inspired rhythms. Zumba® combines high energy with motivating music so you won’t even feel like you are exercising. Let yourself loose in this class designed for all fitness levels.

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