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Together We Give

NH Gives, a day of giving for New Hampshire nonprofits, will go live on Tuesday, June 7th at 5pm and run for 24-hours until 5pm on Wednesday, June 8th. This unique event, administered by the N.H. Center for Nonprofits, is supported by dozens of generous sponsors and champions. Among them is the N.H. Charitable Foundation, a longtime friend of the Keene Family YMCA.

Our Y is participating in NH Gives, and we want to take a moment to explain why.

The Y is first and foremost a cause-driven charitable organization. We keep purpose at the center of everything we do and strive relentlessly to be true to our service engagement principles.

Our mission in action is strengthening the foundations of community through youth development, healthy living and social responsibility. We do this always with a focus on growth, social good, community well-being and a long-term vision that positions the Y not just for today and tomorrow, but for sustainable mission success.

Philanthropic gifts are central to our ability to effect meaningful and enduring change where we live; to nurture the full potential of all; to tender like opportunities, regardless of means; to foster a sense of belonging; and to be always a safe and welcoming haven.

We do not do this alone; rather, we work side by side with dozens of amazing service-minded community partners who also want to build a better us.

We believe strongly in accessibility and equity; we aspire to model and embrace kindness, inclusiveness and diversity.

Donors drive our mission work. Period. Donors are catalysts for good in the world; they are visionaries; they are – to put it simply – heroes who believe that together, in a shared journey, positive, life-changing outcomes are possible.

Through our Membership for All program, significant tuition-assistance and scholarship opportunities make our programs and services affordable to all. We strive to serve the entire community by providing financial assistance, which is determined by individual applicant needs. The money used to fund so much of what we offer is made possible by charitable donations from businesses, friends and members during our Annual Campaign.

It is a simple formula: With your help, we can educate more people, move more people, care for more people and give more where it counts.

Donations are essential also to providing the resources needed to expand our reach and impact. NH Gives is designed to build community, connect donors to local nonprofits and generate excitement about the large and extraordinary NH nonprofit sector.

It is a way for our Y to boost our annual fundraising.

"STRETCH YOUR DONATION -announcing the NH Gives sitewide bonus pool.

Amplify your impact.

As part of NH Gives, the NH Charitable Foundation is offering a $200,000 site-wide bonus pool which will be divvyed up between all participating nonprofits who raise $300 or more between 5pm June 7 and 5pm June 8. Each qualifying nonprofit will receive a percentage of the bonus pool, proportionate to the total amount they are able to raise. Basically, the higher our online donations, the higher percentage of the bonus pool we will receive.  This is a GREAT way to amplify your impact.

Donations should be made online through our profile here.

If you are reading this there is a good chance that you deserve profound gratitude for your support of our Y, for helping us to be transformative in so many of the important ways described above.

Each day brings new challenges to our communities and our citizens, including families, children and older adults. For more than 130 years, our Y has been able to serve this region because of its staff, its donors, its volunteers, its partners … its hundreds of heroes.

Stay a part of our journey, or join it, by making a gift to the Y as part of NH Gives on June 7-8. Feel good by doing good. Together we can deepen our impact and make even more possible.

Thank you.

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