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Welcome to the Keene Family YMCA Blog

Below you’ll find all of the articles, news releases, event updates, and more that we’ve published to provide you with the information you need to ensure you have a great experience at the Y. We’re here to help you on your wellness journey and as such, you’ll also find tips and tricks to help you achieve your goals.

Y mobile app shown on an iPhone 14

New Year, New Y, New app.

The new mobile app, powered by Familyworks, is designed to give you access to everything the Y offers, all in one easy-to-use application.
Emily Killmer standing in the Y's gymnastics center

Staff Spotlight: Emily Killmer

Making sure her athletes know they are heard is crucial to the success of the team, and Emily as a coach.
Members of Keene Pride accepting the Y's 2023 DEI Impact Award.

The YMCA Dr. Albert C. Johnston Social Justice Award

Submit your nomination for the 2024 Keene Family YMCA Dr. Albert C. Johnston Social Justice Award.
Maryann Valenti poses with Mick Blume at the front desk

Staff Spotlight: Maryann Valenti

Maryann wants people to know that the Welcome Center is always going to do what they can to help the members and guests of the Y.
a photo of Cindy smiling at the camera

Staff Spotlight: Cindy Puza

The Y may seem daunting, but it’s when you step through the doors that you can really feel the community we have to offer.
Bridget on the ski slopes.

Staff Spotlight: Bridget Moynihan

For the last year and a half Bridget has made sure that the programs the Y offers are creative and growing with the trends.
Family playing catch in the gym at the Y

Winter Programs

With a new year on the horizon comes some new programs here at the Keene Family YMCA…
Bryan Chambers sitting on his deck looking at the camera

Staff Spotlight: Bryan Chambers

Bryan has been a swimmer his whole life. Being in the water has been a major part of his life, and he gets to enjoy that passion every day at the Y.
Jami standing in front of the afterschool program supply closet.

Staff Spotlight: Jami Daigle

Since coming to the Y, Jami has been very hands on in the expansion and progress of the childcare program.
Emma stands in front of the climbing wall with co-worker, Shaelyn.

Staff Spotlight: Emma Krishnaswami

Confidence and trust are two major aspects of climbing, and Emma gets to help with building both of those aspects in everyone that visits the wall.
Portrait of JT Updegraff

Staff Spotlight: JT Updegraff

JT holds a love for all things sports, and the ability to take his love of sports to work gives him a way to share his enthusiasm with the Y community.
Sam Hill poses with her dog, Gatsby.

Staff Spotlight: Sam Hill

Since becoming the Teen Director about a year ago, Samantha has found a passion for developing programs for The Y’s kids.