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The KYD Swim Team is a competitive swim program dedicated to giving children the opportunity learn, grow, and thrive in the water. With a focus on personal bests, we strive to refine technique, build endurance, work as a team, and develop a life-time appreciation for the sport of swimming.

The KYD Swim Team actively participates in the Western Mass YMCA Swim League and is a registered USA Swim Team.

KYD is open to all Keene Family YMCA members ages 5-18 with approval from a KYD Swim Team coach.

Dolphins 2017-18 Season

See the FAQs below for pricing and group placement options.

Team FAQs & Group Information

2017 Swim Team FAQ

My child thinks they want to be on the swim team, but we aren’t sure. What should we do?

Come to some practices the first week, Tuesday Sept 5-Friday Sept 8 to have your child swim, speak with the coaches, and see what it is all about. If you are not a YMCA member yet, contact Menachi Pillai, Aquatics Director, at mpillai@keene-ymca.org for guest passes to use for practice.

What group would be best for my child?

We recommend using the following guide to figure out what program will be best for your child. Age ranges are intended to help guide your child’s placement. If you are unsure if a practice group will be a good fit for your child, have them come in and give the practice a try from 9/5 to 9/8.

White Group

(Ages 8 and under)

The White Group is a great fit for any younger swimmers looking to get a taste for swimming on a team. Simple, fun, practices develop basic swimming skills and good practice habits.

White Group fees are $455 for the 2017-18 season.

White Group swimmers are expected to attend two of the following practices per week.

M, T, W, Th 3:45-4:45pm, F 5:00-6:00pm

Blue Group

(Ages 9-12)

Swimmers in the Blue Group work on developing their stroke techniques over longer distances and learn the basics of life on the team. Swimmers will work towards refining their strokes and improving their times in all major competitive strokes.

Blue Group fees are $580 for the 2017-18 season

Blue Group swimmers are expected to attend two of the following practices per week.

M, T, W, Th 3:45-5:15pm, F 4:30-6:00pm

Blue Group Plus

(Ages 9-12)

This practice group takes the Blue Group model and kicks it into a higher gear for swimmers who have a strong grasp of stroke technique and need a little bit more of a challenge in the water.

Blue Group Plus fees are $580 for the 2017-18 season

Blue Group Plus swimmers are expected to attend at least two of the following practices per week.

M, T, W, Th 5:15-6:45pm, F 4:30-6:00pm

Black Group

(Ages 13-18)

Black Group swimmers tend to be older, more advanced, and really ready to work hard in the pool.

Black Group fees are $580 for the 2017-18 season.

Black Group swimmers are expected to attend at least two of the following practices per week.

M, T, W, Th 4:45-6:45pm, F 4:00-6:00p

Does my child have to attend every practice?

No. Recognizing that children have different interests and busy schedules, we offer several practice times each week and ask them to commit to at least 2 practices each week.

Does my child have to be a Y member to participate?

Yes. If your family does not have a membership, your child can have their own youth or teen Y membership. We offer Financial Assistance to those who qualify. See www.keeneymca.org or Welcome Center Staff for more info.

How much does swim team cost?
  • White Group (Ages 8 and under): $455
  • Blue Group (Ages 9-12): $580
  • Blue Group Plus (Ages 9-12): $580
  • Black Group (Ages 13-18): $580
Do you have a payment plan?

Yes, quarterly payments can be spread out through December 15, 2017.

The first payment is due upon registration, then payments can be applied to a credit card or checking account in your name, on 10/15, 11/15 & 12/15/17.

White Group: $113.75 per payment; Blue & Black Groups: $145.00 per payment.

What paperwork is required?

1) Membership application if not already a member

2) Emergency Contact Form

3) Authorization for KYD Payment Plan – if setting up payment plan

How do I register?

If paying in full, anyone at the Welcome Center can register your swimmer.

If signing up for a payment plan, complete the paperwork at the desk, and the office will register your swimmer.

When do I register?

If your child is returning to swim team, and you are paying in full, you can sign up at the Welcome Center from Sept 1. If you are not ready to make the commitment, and want to learn more the week of Sept 5, come to a few practices then, if interested, sign up by September 11.

Does my child have to compete to be part of the swim team?

Yes. This is a team that is training for competition. For those looking for more opportunities to swim, and strengthen their skills, but are not interested in competing, we have other options including Mini Dolphins or Jr. Dolphins (see program guide).

How many meets are there each season?

The schedule has not been finalized. More information will be given as it becomes available.

How long is the season?

The season begins on Sept 5th, and will run through March, final date TBD.

I have more questions:

Please contact: Menachi Pillai, Aquatics Director

mpillai@keene-ymca.org or 603-283-5249

During the season, all coaches welcome questions, but prefer that they be asked before or after practice, not during. This will allow the coaches to give their full attention to the swimmers during practice.

Swim Team Forms


Swim Team Contacts

Team Contacts


Chris Brewer

Pedr Seymour

Marc Roberge

Aquatics Director:

Menachi Pillai, mpillai@keene-ymca.org or 603-283-5249

Parent Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Positions

Parent volunteers are a vital part of the Dolphins’ Swim Team. A lot takes place behind the scenes as we train, travel, compete, and play, and we need your help to make all of those components of the swim team experience successful. We are asking that you volunteer to assist us in one or more of the following areas:

  • Timer– No experience necessary. On the job training. Easy.  Numerous positions available. Doesn’t have to be every meet. Bonus: Front row seating to see your child compete.
  • Officials– Growth opportunity. Various levels. Will train. Certification clinic training will be required. Bonus: Prestige.
  • Photographers– Seeking individuals to take good quality photos for print and reproduction and candid photography for digital distribution. You don’t have to be a professional. A camera that takes high quality photos a plus. Bonus: You get to bust out that fancy camera and actually use it like you intended to when you bought it.
  • Fundraising– Ra! Ra! Ra! We need motivated individuals to bring in the bucks. Whether you’ve got ideas, baking skills, a special talent, a huge network of family and friends, or deep pockets, we need you! It would be great if a single parent could take the lead for each event. Bonus: Short term commitment with a big impact. Our first fundraising opportunity will take place at the Family Fitness Festival, Saturday, October 10th.
  • Wranglers– The deck at a meet is a wild place. We don’t want our little cow-pokes getting lost, confused, or simply getting out of control, so we need parents to help organize and guide them. Your parental instincts are qualification enough for this position. Bonus: You’ll probably find yourself doing this anyway, so at least now you’ll get recognized for it.
  • Timing Techy– Seeking someone with some technical prowess who would enjoy playing with a giant stop watch. The Dolphins’ have a state-of-the-art timing system for all home meets and you could be the person behind the big clock. Bonus: THE POWER
  • Meet Secretary– This is a data entry position. Must be able to turn on a computer, access the internet and type. Bonus: You can do this from home in your pajamas. Will train. Accepting multiple applicants.
  • Merchandise Sales Manager– We are having a hot sale on swim suits, towels, swim caps, and sweat pants, but need someone to take the orders, manage the inventory and collect the cash. This could be you. Bonus: Your child will always be on the cutting edge of swim team fashion.

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