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Personal Training

Big goals? We’re here to help with Personal Training.

Train with us at the Keene Family YMCA. At the Y, our focus has always been on people, which is why we make your success our business. Many Y members find that personal training is a key piece to their wellness success. Whether your goal is weight loss, increased strength, improved athletic performance, or learning how to become more active, a Y trainer is here to help. Y trainers can design personalized fitness plans, coach and motivate you as you work, but most importantly support you as you strive for your fitness goals.

Questions? Contact Zack Ponce, Wellness Coordinator, at 603-283-7333.


1 Hour Sessions:
Member: $50
Community Member: $60

5 – 1 Hour Sessions:
Member: $200
Community Member: $250

Half Hour Sessions:

Meet Our Trainers

Zack Ponce, Head Personal Trainer

Zack specializes in resistance training using free weights and body weight exercises. He will help you focus on building muscle through proper form and technique in every area. He is knowledgeable in the areas of Olympic style lifts, cross-fit, rehabilitation from sports injuries, and circuit training.

Stacy Wilbur

In working with Stacy Wilbur you will build a strong foundation upon which to build a healthy lifestyle. She utilizes the Optimum Performance Training Model by incorporating the fundamentals of core, stabilization, coordination, balance, strength, and power training into your personal training experience. She welcomes people of all ages and abilities.

Dave Olson

Have you ever wanted to compete in a race of any kind? Whether you are just about to enter your first event or training for a new personal best, Dave has been there and he can help you get to where you want to be.

Gretchen Nadeau

Gretchen specializes in working with women of all ages and fitness levels. She uses lighter resistance equipment such as tubing, bands, body bars, and dumbbells. Gretchen also offers training with TRX®, Pilates, Ballet Fusion, speed walking, and Tabata.

Jeff Brum

Are you a serious or recreational athlete? Are you looking to improve your muscle definition and increase muscle mass? Become faster and stronger? If so, talk to Jeff! He’s an expert in the squat, deadlift, and bench press for powerlifting and snatch and clean and jerk for Olympic weightlifting.

Levi Hill

Levi Hill spent five years in the Marine Corps, has a NASM Personal Training Certification, and is now studying Exercise Science at Keene State. Fitness has played a tremendous role in his life. Levi’s areas of interest and expertise are in HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), Powerlifting, and Strongman training.

Jeremy Mitchell

Weight loss is Jeremy’s specialty. Find the weight loss success you’ve been looking for with the personal trainer that teaches the Y’s Weight Loss Bootcamp program.

Jocelyn Frain

Jocelyn is an energetic and enthusiastic personal trainer who believes in sharing with her clients how healthy eating and active living can improve all areas of their lives: physical,emotional, and mental. She works with all age groups from children to seniors and can help you develop more muscle, lose weight, increase agility, gain confidence, and lower anxiety and stress levels. Jocelyn is a certified NASM personal trainer.

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