Our Staff

The staff here at the YMCA are committed to providing our members with a clean, safe, and most welcoming facility. We have over 150 staff members who work throughout the facility focused on ensuring the member experience is positive.

Our staff includes trained and qualified fitness instructors, certified personal trainers, housekeepers, maintenance staff, member and welcome desk staff, teachers, camp counselors, and more.

We are led by an Administrative Team who ensure day to day operations run smoothly.

Daniel Smith

Chief Executive Officer

Dan Smith

Dan joins the Keene Family YMCA from the Cadillac Michigan YMCA. Dan ensures our Y runs smoothly and takes the lead on implementing our strategic plan. He is excited to be a part of our community. 

Years of YMCA Service: Since 2010

Why do you work for the YMCA: Because I believe the Human Spirit blossoms to its fullest potential when we rally as a community to turn the causes of Youth Development, Healthy Living, and Social Responsibility into a movement that changes culture.

What are your interests and passions: Celebrating the diversity of life, culture, and faith.

My Family: My wife, two daughters and two dogs are soon to be living in Keene.

Deb Ellison

Financial Assistance Coordinator

Deb Ellison

Deb makes sure no one is ever turned away because of the inability to pay. She is also a much loved swim instructor by all those whom she has taught a lifelong skill to – Learning to SWIM.

Years of YMCA Service: Since 2011

Why do you work for the YMCA: I am here to bring families together in a safe, and healthy environment.

What are your interests and passions: I love gardening, swimming and spending time with my family.

My Family: I live in Fitzwilliam with my husband Dave.

Ashley Engelbrecht

Camp Wakonda Director and School-Age Program Director

Ashley leads the Summer Camps and School-Age programs providing the youth of our communities the opportunities to explore, learn and thrive.

Years of YMCA Service: Since the summer of 2016 I have engaged our youth in our summer camp programs as a Lead Camp Counselor.

Why do you work at the Y: I believe that the Y’s four core values: respect, responsibility, caring and honesty are a positive foundation in developing healthy lifestyles for our youth. Engaging youth in age appropriate projects and activities will help build their own confidence, cultural awareness, and instill a sense of social responsibility that will allow them to become healthy, successful adults. I want to provide our youth with an enriching program where they can make friends and memories that will last a lifetime.

Interests and Passions: I enjoy being active and channeling my vivacious personality in healthy outlets. During the summer months I play softball in the Greater Keene Women’s Softball Association. Otherwise, you can find me DANCING at any opportunity!

My Family: I live in Swanzey with my spouse, two daughters and our two dogs.

Kelly Fleuette

Child Care Services Director

Kelly leads the Y’s Child Care team in caring for hundreds of children annually through our Children’s Learning Center, Afterschool, and Summer Camp Programs.

Years of YMCA service: 25 years in the YMCA movement previously at both the Woonsocket YMCA in Rhode Island and Cape Cod YMCA in Massachusetts, and the past 20 years here in Keene.

Why do you work for the YMCA: I believe in our mission of supporting all members of our community especially the youth. It’s all about family for me.

Your interests and passions: I like being outside, running, and spending time with my family and friends.

Your family: I live in Keene with my husband and three daughters.

Jocelyn Frain

Member Services Director

Jocelyn leads the Member Services Department and ChildWatch/PrimeTime programs. She believes in providing our members with the best possible customer service through services that create a welcoming and encouraging environment.

Years of YMCA service: I volunteered at the Y while attending Keene State College in 2000. I have worked at the Y since 2015 as a Group Exercise Instructor and Personal Trainer. I’m excited and honored to continue my career here as the Member Services Director, and currently teach the Diabetes Prevention Program here at the Y and the Keene Senior Center.

Why do you work for the YMCA: I love working with the community and encouraging my neighbors to make healthy lifestyles changes. The YMCA offers a safe and healthy place for my family and I to learn, grow, and stay active.

Your interests and passions: I enjoy teaching exercise classes, personal training, running, hiking, and spending quality time with my family.

Your family: My husband and I live in Hinsdale with our three children and two dogs

Dan Kolasienski

Facilities Manager

Dan serves as the keeper of facilities, making sure we open and operate in a safe, clean, and welcoming building every day!

Years of YMCA service: I started my career at the Y in August 2018.

Why do you work for the YMCA: I love working with the public, and the diversity of our members, and being able to help them in any way I can.

Your interests and passions: I love Maine and hope to retire there someday, working with farm animals, and working on my tractors. I enjoy cooking, and being with my family and friends.

Your Family: I am married to my wife Colleen, I have one son Tim and his wife Ashley. We have one grandson LB, and two dogs Angel and Henry.

Tammie Patnode

Human Resources and Finance Director

Tammie serves as the fiscal steward and HR Director for the organization.

Years of YMCA service: I started my YMCA career in 1998, serving in many capacities. My passion for the organization is continuously evolving.

Why do you work for the YMCA: I came to the YMCA from the banking industry I was looking to engage my children in the YMCA culture and it has become a way of life for us all. I truly believe in the mission and cause of the YMCA, and I am extremely proud to part of such an amazing organization.

Your interests and passions: I love the outdoors, camping, hunting, fishing, boating spending time with family and friends! And of course my JOB!

Your family: I live in Swanzey with my husband of 31 years. We have two amazing children and four grandchildren.

Menachi Pillai

Aquatics Director

Menachi is our safe guarder of all things water. She makes sure our natatorium is sparkling, safe, and inviting at all times.

Years of Service: I started working at the Keene  Family YMCA the summer of 2010 as a lifeguard and swim instructor. In early 2015 I moved to Massachusetts and started working for the Old Colony YMCA in East Bridgewater as a lifeguard and swim instructor. A year later I moved back to the Keene area and started working as the Member Services Coordinator. Now my current position of Aquatics Director in 2018!

Why I work for the Y: The Y has been the place where I’ve made lifelong connections. I have seen many children I’ve taught in swim lessons grow up and begin working at the Y themselves as a lifeguard or swim instructor. The Y is my community.

Interests and Passions: I love to sing! If you ever see me lifeguarding the early bird shift, you may even catch me singing!

Cindy Puza

Volunteer Coordinator

Years of YMCA service: Since 2016, but I’ve been involved with the YMCA since I was 8 through Leader Corps., Camp Wakonda, and the Gymnastics Team.

Why do you work for the YMCA: I work for the YMCA because it’s all about the community and I’ve lived in the area all my life. It’s also my way of giving back, because the Y did so much for me in my youth.

Your interests and passions: I love my family, gardening, thrifting, visiting the ocean, and of course cats.

Your family: Cindy grew up in the area, and currently lives in North Swanzey with husband, John, and has three grown children. 


Peter Sebert

Healthy Lifestyles Director

Peter leads the Y in all things health and wellness! He supervises the Y’s team of trainers and instructors, teaches classes, provides one-on-one orientation and support for members and serves as an advocate and liaison for community collaboration.

Years of Services with the YMCA: Since 2001, 18 years of service in various position, the past 7 years as the Healthy Lifestyle Director.

Why do you work for the YMCA: Because I believe in our mission, and I love meeting new people and it is very satisfying helping our community to become healthier.

Your interests and passions: My passions are rock climbing, trail running, hiking, and spending time with my family.

Your Family: I live in Peterborough with my wife Laura and two sons Jake and Samuel.

Renee Woliver

Marketing Director

Renee leads our marketing efforts both to our members and the community. Renee ensures that the Y’s message and mission gets out there in the Monadnock Region!

Years of YMCA service: I’ve been working with the Y since 2018.

Why do you work for the YMCA: I love the mission of the Y and letting the community know about all the great work done here.

Your interests and passions: I enjoy playing ice hockey, spending time with my family, and running half marathons.

Your family: I live in Brattleboro, Vermont with my wife and daughter.