ChildWatch is the Y’s free babysitting service for our Family Members. To take advantage of the service you need to pick up a ChildWatch pass at the Y Welcome Center where we will verify your family membership status. Simply present the pass at the ChildWatch room and you may utilize the service for up to 2 hours in a single visit. Children must be between the ages of 4 months and 10 years. For safety reasons we must adhere to a strict 4 infant maximum and a total room capacity of 20 children. If a max is reached in either category the staff will post that the room is temporarily full and not accept additional children until space becomes available.

Please Note We are Peanut/Tree Nut Room for snacks

Child Watch Hours

Summer Hours: (Memorial Day Weekend to Labor Day Weekend)

  • Monday-Friday 8:45-1:30pm
  • Monday-Thursday 4:00-7:00pm
  • Saturday-8:45-12:30pm


Summer Hours: (Memorial Day Weekend to Labor Day Weekend)

  • Monday-Thursday 8:45-11:00am in the Basketball Gymnasium or Outside
  • Monday-Thursday 4:00-6:30pm in the Basketball Gymnasium
  • PRIMETIME hours may be subject reduction or elimination during the period between Memorial Day and Labor Day.

PRIMETIME is our FREE child supervision service for members ages 6-10 years, while parents are in the facility. Per Y policy, youth under age 11 must be in a program or be with an adult at all times while in the facility. We want your child to be engaged while at the Y. Coming to the Y should be a healthy and fun experience for you both. PRIMETIME uses the nationally recognized CATCH® curriculum as the foundation of our program. Designed to engage kids in moderate to vigorous physical activity as a means to combat childhood obesity, the program is run by trained staff. Activities will be active in nature and will include games and recreational gym sports. Kids using the PRIMETIME service need to participate in the activities, as our goal in to encourage physical activity for youth. Those not interested in participating need to use the the Y’s Child Watch Service for supervision.