Our goal at the Keene Family YMCA is to offer a safe and welcoming environment for your family to engage in healthy living activities. We understand that sometimes this means working out together, and sometimes it means being apart. When being apart is the best option we offer ChildWatch and Primetime services for our members. ChildWatch and Primetime services are free for Keene Y members, and are available to community members for a small fee. Based on availability, community members and non-family members may pay $3 per visit, per child.

How to use ChildWatch/Primetime: To utilize either service, please check-in at the Welcome Center and retrieve a ChildWatch/PrimeTime pass. After presenting the pass, and signing in, you may leave your children in the program for up to 2 hours while you are in the facility working out. Primetime services require a reservation. Please see the Primetime information at the bottom of this page for more info.

For the safety of our members and guests with peanut & tree nut allergies, we do not allow snacks containing peanuts and tree nuts. In the interest of keeping our friends engaged in healthy activities, we do not permit the use of electronic and screen-based devices in ChildWatch or PrimeTime.


ChildWatch is the Keene Y’s babysitting service for children ages 4 months through 10 years, held in the ChildWatch room adjacent to the main lobby.  The ChildWatch service allows your child(ren) the opportunity to enjoy age-appropriate play and learning, and to engage with other kids in a safe and enriching environment.

Child Watch Hours 

Monday-Friday 8:45-1:30pm

Monday-Friday 3:45-7:00pm

Saturday 8:45-12:30pm

Sunday  9:00-Noon


Primetime services are available for children age 6 years to 10 years. Our Primetime services allow older kids to engage in age appropriate physical activities in the basketball gym. We are excited to announce that beginning in January 2018 we are changing the format of our Primetime services. We are adding structured games, activities and relaxation times to the 1-2 hour time slot your child attends. In order to offer the best service to all children we are requesting you sign-up for Primetime services by clicking the reservations button below, or by calling the front desk.

Having a roster prior to our Primetime service will allow our staff to provide the most appropriate and inclusive activities for your child(ren) during their time with us. Our sessions will be scheduled as follows:

  • Welcome and Warm-up: 15 min
  • Structured Physical Activities: 45min
  • Cool Down/Relaxation: 10 min

Coming to the Y should be a healthy & fun experience for everyone in the family!  PrimeTime activities are active, and include games and recreational gym sports. Our goal in PrimeTime is to encourage physical activity. Children not interested in participating should use the Y’s ChildWatch service for supervision.

Please feel free to ask us any questions you have about these changes! Per Y policy, youth under age 11 must be in a program or with an adult at all times while in the facility.

PrimeTime Hours 

Mon- Thur  4:00-6:30pm

Primetime Reservation