Membership Application Forms & Process


To sign up for a membership please visit the Keene Family YMCA Welcome Center. A Welcome Center Representative will be happy to assist you with registration. Membership sign-up typically takes between 10 and 15 minutes. To expedite the process you can download all necessary forms right here and bring them in with you already complete. Of course, all forms are available at the Y Welcome Center and can be filled out at your leisure in our comfortable Community Lobby. The process looks like this:

  1. Choose your membership type and payment method.
  2. Complete an application, waiver, PAR-Q and payment form if applicable
  3. We enter the data into our system
  4.  All members must be photographed for security purposes at the time of application
    1. Those not present upon application will have photos taken on their first visit
  5.  We will issue your membership key tags.
  6. You may start using the facility immediately!


All of our membership categories can be paid:

  • Annually by cash, debit/credit card*, check, Keene Y gift certificate, or money order.
    • *The Keene Y accepts Visa & Master Card only
  • Monthly through our Electronic Funds Transfer(EFT) system via an active checking account; or by credit/debit card*.
    • *The Keene Y accepts Visa & Master Card only


To set up an EFT with the Keene Y you simply need to fill out an EFT form at the Y Welcome Center, and provide a voided check for proof of account ownership. We do not accept debit cards for bank draft accounts, so please be sure to have your checking account number and routing number when signing up for your membership. Payments are drafted on the 15th of each month. Please note that you will be required to pay the pro-rated amount until the next draft at the time of your membership activation.

Any declined transaction will be subject to a $25 charge by the Keene Y and additional charges by your bank. Our automated system will continuously attempt to collect overdue funds. Please be aware that some banks charge additional fees for each attempt and the account holder is responsible for all fees incurred.


Members that wish to terminate or change their membership in any way must do so:

  • In person at the Keene Y Welcome Center.
  • With 30-days written notice
    • Emails and phone messages do not constitute a written notice
  • The membership account will be drafted on the 15th of the month after submitting the cancellation notice, and the membership will remain active for one month after that draft date.
  • If you re-start your membership again in the future, a re-join fee is required if re-joining 30-days after the cancellation date.
  • Cancellation Form


Returning to the Keene Family YMCA? We’re glad you’re back! Re-joining is easy. Stop by the Welcome Center and a Member Services Associate can assist with updating membership accounts. Past members are required to pay a re-join fee if re-joining 30 days after the cancellation date.


Please complete each of the following forms:

Please choose one: