We don’t exist without you!

Volunteerism is at the heart of the YMCA movement. Y’s like the Keene Family YMCA rely on volunteers to provide additional support, expertise and enthusiasm to our organization.  We have opportunities for Y Members interested in contributing their time and talent to programs and activities that promote our key focus areas. Volunteers are needed in:

Youth Development


  • Child Care Classroom Volunteer Opportunities (Ages 1-5)
    • Reading to Children in Child Care
    • Lunch & Nap-Time Helpers 11-1pm
    • Academic Support- Volunteer to help during the academic part of our preschool day, 9-11am
  • Youth Program Volunteer
    • Climbing
    • Sports
    • Gymnastics
    • Swimming
  • After School Program (Ages 5+)
    • Share a talent
    • Program volunteer- General assistance
  • ChildWatch or PRIMETIME attendants (Babysitting)
    • Currently seeking Y members, who enjoy working with small children. Monday-Friday 8:45am to 11:00am, and 4:30pm to 6:30pm. Days and times are flexible.
  • Teen Program
    •  Leader Corps- Teen volunteers plan Teen Night Out and undertake community service projects.
    • Teen Event Volunteers

Healthy Living


  • Active Older Adult Program Instructor
  • Climbing Wall Volunteer Opportunities
    • Volunteers to assist with youth classes
    • Volunteers to assist with open climb
  • Club Leader- Do you have interest or talent? Want to start a club?
  • Aquatics Instructor/ Coach
  • Fitness Instructor
  • Member Services/ Welcome Center
  • Specialty Workshop Instructor (Do you have a special skill or knowledge base that our members might benefit from that you would like to share?)
  • Maintenance Volunteer Opportunities
    • Gymnastics area maintenance
      • Vacuum the blue floor
      • Wipe down the mats and equipment
      • Fluff the foam pit
    • Adopt an area
  • Family Night Volunteer Opportunities
  • Events
    • Annual Sneaker Ball
    • Annual Fall Foliage 5K

Social Responsibility


  • Teen Leadership
  • Administrative Volunteer Opportunities
    • Help us keep the Y moving forward and spread the word about our cause
      • Data Entry
      • Fundraising-
        • Donor Research
        • Donor Calls
        • Mailings
        • Raise money for the Annual Campaign
      • Marketing
  • Community Kitchen Y Member Volunteers Needed
    • In our efforts to promote Social Responsibility and serve the community, the Keene Family YMCA has committed to providing volunteers to serve the evening meal at the Keene Community Kitchen on the 5th Monday and 5th Wednesday of every month that has a fifth week. We invite interested members to sign up to volunteer with us in 2017:
      • 1/30/2017
      • 3/29/2017
      • 5/29/2017
      • 5/31/2017
      • 7/31/2017
      • 8/30/2017
      • 10/30/2017
      • 11/29/2017
    •  For further information on volunteering with the Community Kitchen as a Y Member, please contact Cindy Puza.


Volunteer Forms

Volunteer Code of Conduct

The following is the Keene Family YMCA’s Code of Conduct. The Y promotes the core values of Respect, Responsibility, Caring and Honesty. We are a family friendly facility and we have an expectation that the behavior of our staff, our volunteers, and our patrons will always be appropriate and kind.

As a Volunteer at the Keene Family YMCA, I:

  • Will stop at the Y Welcome Center and sign the volunteer log at every visit
    • Understand that there is no smoking on Y grounds (Inside or outside the facility)
    • Will be respectful of Y staff, Y volunteers, Y members and guests
    • Will return found items to the Y Welcome Center
    • Will not run in areas where it is prohibited
    • Will not engage in horseplay or behavior that puts myself or someone else in danger
    • Will not engage in activity sexual in nature
    • Will not vandalize equipment or facilities
    • Will not use equipment or facilities inappropriately or for unintended purposes
    • Will eat and drink only in the lobby area
    • Will refrain from using tobacco products, alcohol, illegal drugs anywhere on Y property, including the parking lot
    • Will never bring a weapon into the Y
    • Understand that glass objects are not permitted beyond the lobby
    • Will not wear clothing with inappropriate language or graphics in the Y facility
    • Will bring a lock and lock up my personal items
    • Understand that Y staff are the final authority on policy, safety and behavior
    • Will follow age restrictions on facility usage and class caps
    • Understand that physical violence of any kind will not be tolerated
    • Understand that derogatory, racist, sexist, vulgar or belligerent language, profanity or behavior will not be tolerated.
    • Will wear appropriate clothing and footwear for the activities I am engaging in at the Y
    • Will not talk on my cell phone outside the lobby area
    • Will report equipment malfunctions
    • Will use safety equipment when engaging in activities that require it
    • Understand that areas marked as closed are off limits for safety reasons and unauthorized use is strictly prohibited
    • Will notify Y staff if I become injured or involved in an incident
    • Am responsible for my own property and understand the Y is not liable for loss or damages to my personal property
    • I understand camera/ recording device use in locker rooms is strictly prohibited

How To Apply

With a commitment of as little as 1 hour per week you can make a big difference in the lives of kids and adults in our community! We require an application for all volunteers. Please download and complete the documents below, and return them in-person or by mail to:

Attn: Cindy Puza, Administrative Assistant

Keene Family YMCA

200 Summit Road, Keene, NH  03431.

or by email: Cindy Puza, cpuza@keene-ymca.org

[Please note:  The YMCA does not compensate its volunteers with payment or trade for services, including Y Memberships. The YMCA requires three references, and conducts background checks on all volunteers. Volunteers must be members of the Y.

Printable Brochure

For more information about volunteering, please contact Cindy, cpuza@keene-ymca.org or 603-283-5264