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Conquering Fears Through Climbing

Lauren, age 10, signed up for the Y’s Gecko rock climbing class knowing that she was afraid of heights.   “I signed up so I could face my fear. So I would know that I could always face my fears,” she said. “At first you  had me climbing not even half way up,” she tells […]

What’s a Climbing Festival anyway?

Did you know our third rock climbing festival is just around the corner? Here are some details to get you psyched for the big day. Who? The festival is open to about anyone and everyone! Children ages 4 and up are welcome to use our climbing wall and there is no upper age limit or […]

Congrats to Young Climber Tucker Warden

Nine-year-old, YMCA member, Tucker Warden has officially become the first person to join the Y’s Mile High Climbing Club. At the beginning of the year we offered two challenges to climbers. The first was to climb all seven routes on the climbing wall, named the “Seven Summits Challenge” after a mountaineering feat of the same name that involves climbing the highest peak […]