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Impressed Campers

While sitting at my desk this afternoon I overheard two young campers outside my office discussing the Annual Campaign progress board. Camper One: “Did you see how much money we raised?” (I love the use of ‘we’!!) Camper Two: “Where? I don’t see!” Camper One: “Right here.  It says one-hundred-nine-hundred-forty-eight thousand dollars.” $100,948 – she was […]

The Y. So Much More.

The Y. So Much More.

Make your Annual Support contribution today.

Miles Is In: He is Changing Lives

Miles gets it.  He’s only 6-years old, but he gets it. Miles sees the impact the Y is having in our community.  He  participates in our After School Program and takes Martial Arts on Saturday morning.  Recently, he approached a Y Staff Member with a bag of change and asked Deirdre to donate it to […]