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Silver Sneakers Gets An A++

Silver Sneakers underwent an impromptu audit today of the Program and our Instructor Kathy Gilman. A large part of this audit is the auditor sitting in on the instructors class and grading them on everything they do from start to finish. It is an extremely thorough evaluation. In meeting with the evaluator after her session […]

Winter is Here

Now that winter is truly upon us here in NH we have two choices: 1. Put our heads down and try to get through it the best we can until spring comes or 2. Get out and enjoy it! An awesome winter day for me might be heading out for a nice long ski or […]

Mission Moment: Preparing to Swim the Channel

All of our members are amazing, but once in a while (just about every week) I hear an amazing story. YMCA member Bethany Bosch drives an hour and half 4 times a week to train here at the Y, but that’s not the amazing part. Bethany is a very accomplished ultra marathon swimmer. Among her […]