Our Everyday Heroes

On March 23rd, 2017, Molly Dolan, Thomas Kline, Angela Curtis, and Arian Deihim became heroes in the eyes of everyone present at the YMCA  where they sprang into action to perform life-saving CPR on a member. Angela, a nurse, was in the bleachers watching her daughter take a class when she noticed a member demonstrating signs of cardiac arrest. She joined Arian, Molly, and Thomas – all employees of the YMCA – as they rushed immediately to his side. Arian and Angela immediately began taking turns administering CPR while Molly administered shocks with the AED. They were able to get his heart beating again, but it stopped again shortly thereafter, so they resumed CPR until he regained his pulse once more. Though a nearby member of the club had called 911 and paramedics arrived on the scene quickly, it was almost certain that the chest compressions and defibrillator applied by Arian, Thomas, Angela, and Molly in those earliest moments saved his life. They were honored at the American Red Cross Everyday Heroes event earlier this month.

About Renee Woliver

Renee Woliver is the Marketing Director at the Keene Family YMCA.
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