Graceful Giving 2017

Graceful Giving Banner Keene Family YMCA

We’re excited to have been selected for PeopleSense Consulting‘s 2017 Graceful Giving campaign for nonprofits.

To participate, we need your help! All you have to do is donate any dollar amount to our wish list item: A ‘Buddy Bench’ for a new playground here at the Keene Family YMCA. Here’s why a ‘Buddy Bench’ is so special…

The Buddy Bench works with these simple ideas:

  1. If you see a friend sitting on the bench, invite them to play, walk or talk
  2. If you choose to sit on the bench, say YES to the first person who invites you to play, walk or talk
  3. Two friends sitting on the Buddy Bench can turn to each-other and invite each-other to play, walk or talk”

Steps for donating:

  1. You can donate at Graceful Giving 2017 or here at the Y.
  2. Either way, for the donation to count, you must record your donation here. Plus, when you record your donation, you get entered into a drawing for a cash prize.


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