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Daves All Day Run Recap Keene Family YMCA

The 3rd Annual All Day Run took place on a snowy Thursday, December 29th, 2016 at the Keene Family YMCA. Usually a 16 hour endurance fest, the event was shortened to a mere 11 hour sprint due to the facility closing early with weather concerns. The lineup of inspiring Y regulars: Dave Olson, Barbara Bass and Jeremy Mitchell were joined this year by newcomer Ari Deihim. Any athletic event performed for 10 to 16 hours without stopping is impressive, but in Barb’s own words: “Our personal achievements and the accomplishment of our goals are only half the story. We want to impress on everyone; athlete, non-athlete, children to seniors; that you can, if you set your mind to it, you can accomplish your own amazing feats. We had young children and seniors, people with different levels of abilities, to trained athletes join us on the track and it was great.”

Barb’s spirit of “this is for everyone” is another reason we host the All Day Run. The annual event has become a fundraiser for fitness programing at the Y, where funds raised are used to help keep the Keene Family YMCA the place where everyone can make their goals a reality.

Over the course of 11 hours Barb ran 720 laps, totaling 60 miles and Dave ran 680 laps, totaling 56.7 miles. Jeremy and Ari added a new twist to the event this year, by accomplishing their own unique endurance goals: Jeremy performed 400 burpees, lunge a mile and perform a farmer’s carry for a mile over the course of 2.5 hours, while Ari practiced Yoga for the entire 11 hours. So congratulations to our crew of impressive people who help to inspire us all to be better in 2017.

It’s never too late to support the Y in our efforts to inspire and include everyone. Please see any Y staff to donate in honor of the All Day Run, or to our 2017 Annual Campaign.

Happy New Year!

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