Let’s Do This!

Keene Family YMCA Yoga Pose

Let’s Do This.

– Let’s focus on activity and decrease sedentary behavior –

Learn how to exercise correctly, including cardio, strength, balance and stretching. Get up, walk around, sit less! Do a time study of your daily activities. How much time do you sit on a daily basis? Do you know? It’s only when you know that you can begin to invite fitness in. At first, keep it simple and small.

– Let’s focus on every food choice. –

For every selection, ask yourself one simple question: “Is this choice helping (fresh fruits and vegetables) or hurting (processed anything or too many simple carbs) my health?” Logging your food choices is an amazing (and simple) way to realize your weight management efforts might be sabotaged by … you!

– Let’s focus on creating calm time & getting restful sleep. –

We are more stressed and get less quality sleep than any other generation. Try meditation, tai chi or yoga breathing techniques- they’ll all help you face the New Year with a relaxed presence.

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