New Fitness Equipment

The Y is welcoming two new pieces of fitness equipment into our home here at 200 summit road.

The first is an addition to our cardio line: a Cybex SRC Trainer. The ARC trainer seems  to be a very popular machine due to its ease of use, minimal joint impact and its ability to meet any user at their fitness level. If you presently walk, run, use the Elliptical, AMT or Stair Climber, give the ARC a try and let us know what you think.

Multi Functional Trainer Keene Family YMCAThe second is “Clifford” the Big Red Multi-station Functional Trainer, located in the North-East corner of our track. Clifford like most big red things is just a lot of fun. I am not exaggerating when I say you might be able to do 100 different exercises on this one piece of equipment. The key components that will jump out to people are a cable pulley weight system, Med ball rebounder, pull-up station, dip bar, adjustable step and ply box jump, heavy bag station, and TRX station. Members wanting to use the heavy bag will need to sign it out with our fitness staff, and will need to use gloves and wraps to prevent injury.
So please, stop by and check out the new equipment, and remember: A great fitness program is a diverse and changing program, so with that in mind give something new a try.

Happy Holidays!
Peter Sebert
Healthy Lifestyles Director

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