Thanksgiving Food Drive

Community Kitchen Food Drive at the Keene Family YMCA

The Keene Family YMCA staff has made the commitment to volunteer at the Community Kitchen on the 5th Mondays and 5th Wednesdays of the month throughout the year. I had the opportunity to volunteer this Monday, October 31st, along with Y staff members, their significant others and members of the YMCA.

That night, Phoebe Bray, Executive Director of the Community Kitchen, shared her concerns that they are running out of food. As you might have seen through social media and in the Sentinel, the Community Kitchen is facing a serious dilemma – they don’t have enough food!

Ms. Bray stated that “winter is almost upon us, heating bills will soon be arriving resulting in an increase in the number of people eating at the Community Kitchen during the colder months.” I asked Ms. Bray to send me a “wish list” of the items needed to continue to feed those who are financially challenged.

The YMCA has decided to host a food drive in the Y lobby between now and Christmas, with a special Thanksgiving Meal Drive until November 18th. Please consider bringing food to the YMCA during your visit. Here are the items needed:

Community Kitchen Thanksgiving Food Drive Keene Family YMCA


Thanks! Together we can make a better world!

Helene Mogridge


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