Staff In OCR World Championship

Mission Monday: On Saturday we posted good wishes to two of our amazing staff, instructor David Olson and welcome center representative Barbara Bass, as they competed in the Obstacle Course IMG_3647 smallRacing’s World Championships (OCR) at King’s Domain nature preserve in Oregonia, Ohio. Five hundred and sixteen competitors from all over the world, all of whom had to qualify through grueling acts of strength, speed, and endurance, competed in this years event. Dave comes home with an astounding time of 2:19:51, which ranks him 49th in the WORLD! Barbara gave it her all and finished the race, posting on her Facebook page “I think the best prize was showing my son that perseverance pays off and that is my award!” We are so proud of them both. We encourage our members every day to work for their goals, push for greatness, and NEVER let any OBSTACLE stand in your way!‪#‎YMCA‬ ‪#‎BeCauseY‬


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