Conquering Fears Through Climbing

Lauren, age 10, signed up for the Y’s Gecko rock climbing class knowing that she was afraid of heights.


“I signed up so I could face my fear. So I would know that I could always face my fears,” she said. “At first you  had me climbing not even half way up,” she tells Kari her instructor. “Then you had me go a little more than half way up, and then I asked you to make me go all the way up.”


Kari coached Lauren to take deep breaths every time she got nervous. She watched her work through her fear and go a little higher.


“We made a plan. Every time I went higher and got nervous Kari would encourage me to go just a little bit higher,” said Lauren. They used this approach until Lauren made her way to the top. It took 7 weeks.


“It took a long time because I was so scared,” Lauren confided. “I felt great! I was amazed that I actually got to the top. When I started I thought I would never make it to the top.” Lauren excitedly shared, “It was amazing! It was so cool!” She beams as she shares her story.


“It’s still scary, but the feeling is a lot less. I can keep going.” She confidently shares, “I conquered my fears and found that sometimes even if you feel like you can’t keep going you can just take some deep breaths and you can. It applies to everything,” she shares as a life lesson. “My confidence in myself is way bigger. I feel like I can do more things than I used to be able to do!”



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