The Power of Goodbye

Sometimes we don’t know the story until it’s over, or don’t see the impact until the job is done. Yesterday a long-time Y Child Care teacher moved on to other wonderful opportunities. Below is a copy of a Facebook post, posted by one of her student’s family. It shows how much impact the Y has on young people. We thank our staff for being part of our Cause and our families for supporting our work-

Dear Miss Taylor,
It was my hope to join you today for the ice cream social- but unfortunately I don’t think I will be able to be there- so instead you must settle for this sappy public FB post so everyone can know exactly how amazing and special you are.
Thank you for loving my son. Thank you for teaching him, snuggling him, challenging him, and a nurturing him. Your relationship with him over this past year has been instrumental in his success at preschool. He adores you, trusts you, respects you, and admires you. Someday he will be the man he becomes in part because of the guidance you have given him. And that is a gift we cannot thank you enough for.
As you launch into your next adventure please know you always have a place in our family! We love you!!

(heart emoticon) Celena, Melissa, Elliot, and baby Atticus

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