Healthy Family Workshop Series

6:30-8:30pm, YMCA Multi-Purpose Room

These are free workshops, open to the public and suitable for Parents, Caregivers, Childcare Professionals, Teachers and Babysitters. Registration is required and free child care is available.

Nonviolence: Political Strategy and Way of Life    October 15th

This presentation will include the definition of nonviolence, historical and contemporary examples of nonviolence, the differences between nonviolence and violence, the levels and techniques of nonviolence, and the principles and steps of nonviolence. A video, People Power, will demonstrate the use of nonviolence around the world.

Bullying: An Overview    November 20th

This presentation will include characteristics of bullies and their targets, warning signs of bullying, interventions to prevent and respond to bullying, and cyberbullying. A video, Bullied, will be shown and discussed.


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