Focus on the Positive

Driving to the Y yesterday afternoon I was listening to the news and feeling a bit glum.  Ebola. ISIS. Abuse. Stock market sell-off. .. shall I go on?

Despite the beautiful sunshine and crisp fall day, the headlines were putting a damper on my mood.  As I approached the main entrance of the Y, I crossed paths with a little boy, maybe  3 or 4 years old,  who had just gone swimming.  He was holding a woman’s hand.

Looking up at the woman he said “Gramma”.

“Yes?” she responded.

“I love you SO much” the little boy said with such sincerity.

(I think I audibly cooed, “Awwwww”.)

Needless to say, I was touched to have witnessed such a pure, simple, honest moment.  It reminded me that despite all the negativity in the world, there is so much positivity.  While bad things can, and do happen, we all get to choose how we respond to what’s around us.  I’ll choose to deal with the negative, appropriately, as required, but focus on the positive, right in front of me, in this moment.  I hope you can do the same.

If  you are having a difficult time finding the positive come to the Y!  Watch kids in swimming lessons.  Take a yoga class.  Meet a friend and lap the track. Sit in the lobby and people watch.  Sprint on the treadmill.  There’s  a lot of “good” to find at the Y! We’d like to help you focus on it!

About Liz Coppola

Liz Coppola is the Keene Family YMCA's Associate Executive Director. She is responsible for Financial Development/Fundraising and oversees Marketing/Communications, and Program Development. She joined the Y in October 2008, and lives in Keene with her husband, two daughters, two dogs and one rabbit. When she is not at the Y, she enjoys hiking, cooking, reading, and spending time with family and friends.


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