Climb to New Heights in 2014!

The New Year is a popular time to set goals: why not make yours about rock climbing? Here at the Keene Family YMCA we have a 32 foot tall 980 square foot artificial granite rock climbing wall and a variety of climbing classes and programs to get you started with rock climbing and help you improve your skills.

If you’ve never climbed before, commit to giving it a shot this year. The Y’s Open Climbs run five days a week and provide an opportunity for first timers to try rock climbing with the supervision and assistance of trained staff and volunteers. We’ve got all of the equipment and expertise you need to make your first attempt at rock climbing a safe and fun one – just come ready to give it a try!

For those who have climbed, why not try to tackle the Y’s Seven Summits? Our new Seven Summits Challenge is named after the Seven Summits of the World, a mountaineering feat in which alpinists attempt to climb the highest peaks on each of the seven continents. We’ve named our climbs after them, and invite you to try to climb them all. You can try to get to the top of each climb over the course of the year or tackle them all in a single day, the choice is up to you!

Or, if you are one of the enthusiastic climbers that regularly climb here at the Y, keep track of how many times you reach the top so you can join the Mile High Club. One vertical mile is exactly 165 trips to the top of our 32 foot tall climbing wall.

Should you choose to tackle one of our YMCA climbing challenges this year, sheets to help you keep track of your progress are available at the climbing wall. Good luck and happy climbing in 2014!

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