Winter is Here

Now that winter is truly upon us here in NH we have two choices: 1. Put our heads down and try to get through it the best we can until spring comes or 2. Get out and enjoy it! An awesome winter day for me might be heading out for a nice long ski or snowshoe and returning home to warm by the fire, soak in the spa or sauna. Well if that sounds good, you can do all of that right here at the Y, no ski passes, no crowds, and you don’t have to travel to some resort, we have it all right here. The Y has access to the fields in back for snowshoeing and Nordic skiing. The perimeter loop around the fields is just over a mile, and if your adventurous, the rail trail network abuts the far end of the field. After you have worked your body out in the cool air, come in and warm up by our fire, go for a swim, soak in the spa or sauna and enjoy a hot chocolate from the café. Winter is here to stay, for a while anyway, so get out and enjoy it well you can.

About Peter Sebert, Healthy Lifestyles Director

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