Living Our Cause: Julie’s Story

Typical of many women who are busy juggling families and careers, Julie often found herself in the predicament of putting the needs of her two children and husband ahead of her own.



Member Name: Julie Croteau

Y Focus Area: Healthy Living


“If I don’t take care of myself, I won’t be able to take care of my family.”


In February 2013, she made the commitment to put herself first. Over the years she had put on extra weight and didn’t feel as healthy as she wanted to.

“I started doing Weight Watchers on-line and dropped a few pounds, but knew the only way I’d truly have success was if I combined it with regular exercise. At first, it was a struggle for me to make the commitment. I sat my family down and told them I need to make time for myself to exercise, which would mean I’d need their help.”

Since February 2013, Julie has been coming to the Y 3-4 times a week and it has paid off. She has lost 30 pounds and 17 ½ inches! Her skin is glowing and her energy levels are high.

Over the years she has belonged to various gyms and purchased exercise equipment to use at home, but her exercise routines grew stale quickly and never lasted very long. “I love the variety at the Y. I can do the cardio machines, weight machines, or take classes. Walking around the track is one of my favorite things to do: It is wonderful watching the children in gymnastics, or playing basketball. It helps pass the time.” A big NFL fan, Julie also appreciates being able watch sports news while she’s on the cardio equipment!

Julie also really likes that there are “..all kinds of people at the Y: young, old, heavy, thin, in-shape, not-in-shape. I’ve belonged to other gyms where it was pretty intimidating. I felt like I needed to be in shape before I could work out! I don’t feel that way at all at the Y. It is such an inviting environment.”

While she’s made great progress toward her weight loss goal, she has 10 pounds to go. Because of the supportive environment at the Y, and the variety of ways to exercise, she feels confident she’ll be able to reach her goal.

If you see Julie at the Y, say hello and congratulate her for putting herself first and for making a commitment to HEALTHY LIVING!

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