Healthy Airport Eating

It’s that time of year again when holiday travel may take you from airport to airport. How do you eat healthy and stay on track when you seem to be at the will of the airport food court?

Healthy Airport Eating: Plan to Succeed

Whether you’re trying to lose weight or just stay healthy, disruptions in your routine can be a real diet-killer, and there is no bigger disruption than traveling. Airport food courts in particular can be a real trial for those trying to stay away from bad food that is high on calories and low on nutrition. Even in the worst places there are ways to stay healthy, so keep reading to discover a few tricks you can use to eat healthily even in an airport.

Know What to Avoid

One of the simplest ways to avoid eating badly in a stressful situation is to have a solid list of ‘Do Not Touch’ foods. Having a predetermined list of things that you’re not going to eat takes a lot of the guesswork out of resisting temptation and choosing healthier options. One of the main ones to put on your list is fried foods, which can make you feel ill and trigger heartburn in addition to being unnecessarily calorie-packed. Also be sure to avoid sweets, especially the huge cinnamon buns that you can smell halfway across the airport. These have no nutritional value whatsoever, and the high sugar content can wreak havoc on your energy levels and mood.

Do Your Research

Most airports will have a list of eateries on their website, so check that out before your travel date. Try to determine ahead of time what the healthiest options will be so that you aren’t wandering aimlessly in search of lunch. Ethnic restaurants such as Mexican places can offer more vegetables and lean protein than standard fare, but try to avoid things like Westernized Chinese food, which is frequently fried and covered in sugary sauces. Many of the restaurants should have menus listed online with nutrition information, so you may even be able to compare specific options before you travel.

Have a Plan

If you’re the organized type, having a game plan written down in advance can go a long way toward taking the stress out of eating right on the go. One of the biggest diet-killers while traveling is the tendency to get off the plane hungry and go straight to one of the first eateries you see, so it can help to look at your itinerary and choose in advance exactly where you will eat and what you will have. If you’ve written down in advance where and what you’ll eat at each stop, you’ll be able to walk through the food court with a purpose instead of struggling to make a decision while you’re tired and hungry.

No one will ever argue that finding healthy food in an airport is easy, but a little forethought goes a long way. Even upon reaching your destination hotels in major cities are really coming around to organic food and drink options. They are offering many more choices. Take some time to think in advance about your traveling food choices, and you’ll find your next trip to be your easiest one yet.

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