Mission Moment: Tuesday Night Water Polo

Last Tuesday we had our second night of water polo. One of our members, Libby McCann came for her first experience. Libby has a limited range of motion in her knees and the typical ‘egg beater’ kick just doesn’t work for her. With the help of her friend Rebecca Kelly, Libby figured out a comfortable way to keep afloat while tossing the ball around. After a few minutes  it was clear that Libby had a knack for the sport. She could throw, catch and advance the ball with ease. Rebecca even challenged her to a little one-on-one. It was great to see our members finding new ways to stay active, even it means overcoming obstacles. The evening was filled with fun and laughter with a serious workout to boot. Why not join us this Tuesday?

About Kelley O'Hara, Aquatics Director

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