Mission Moment: Preparing to Swim the Channel

All of our members are amazing, but once in a while (just about every week) I hear an amazing story. YMCA member Bethany Bosch drives an hour and half 4 times a week to train here at the Y, but that’s not the amazing part. Bethany is a very accomplished ultra marathon swimmer. Among her many accomplishments is a 17 hour, 25 mile swim. Bethany’s dedication, hard work and her swimming résumé have all paid off because she has been given the green light to make an attempt at swimming the English Channel. The channel is definitely within her ability, “only” being a whopping 21 miles of ocean swimming. A feat only accomplished by 500 women in history. So if you needed a little inspiration to get off the couch, there you go. Bethany will be attempting her swim in September of next year. Be sure to wish her well when you see her at the Y.

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