Our Staff


Hélène Mogridge

Chief Executive Officer

Years of YMCA Service: I came to the USA in 1973 to learn English. I took a lifeguard class to improve my English, and the rest is history. I have worked for the YMCA for 37 years. I have served as an Aquatic Director, Camp Director, Sport Director, Senior Program Director and a Branch Executive Director before coming to the Keene Family YMCA as Chief Executive Officer.

Why do you work for the YMCA: I love working with people. I fully embrace the mission of the YMCA to develop the full potential of people in Mind, Spirit and Body. Wellness is an important part of my life and I want to make sure that everyone has the opportunity to include wellness in to their lifestyle.

What are your passions/ hobbies: I love to spend time with my family- I love the outdoors, kayaking, hiking, and biking. I also love traveling and learning about other countries and their culture.

Your Family: I live in Keene with my husband. I have two sons. Alan is Branch Executive Director at Valley YMCA, a branch of the Central Connecticut Coast YMCA. Sean is Guest Service Manager at Executive Jet Management in White Plains New York. My husband owns a company that offers Risk Management Consulting for YMCAs across the country.


Erin Bausum

Marketing & Communications Director

As a voice of the Y, Erin is responsible for telling the Y’s story. This includes sharing with the public our mission, our member’s success stories, the value of our programs and informing our community of how the Y changes peoples lives one member at a time.

Years of YMCA service: Since 2003. I have served as a Y Preschool Teacher; Y Infant Teacher; Arts Program Director; Director of Membership Services and currently as Marketing & Communications Director, and Volunteer and Child Watch Leader.

Why do you work for the YMCA?: I came to the Y seeking a job and all these years later I have a career, a team, a true Y family and can’t imagine working anywhere else. I am proud of the work we do at the Y and our service to our community, our families and most of all our children. I get the chance to make a difference in the lives of others every day and that makes every day at the Y rewarding.

Interests/passions: My two passions in life are Art and Children. On Art: Art is a window to the soul. You don’t have to like something to appreciate it, or understand it to feel its power. On Children: I have always been inspired by children- their curiosity, creativity and inhibition. There is nothing more amazing then to witness the moment a child learns something new; no greater power than to teach a child something they will carry with them forever.

Family: I live in Bennington with my husband and two children.


Liz Coppola

Associate Executive

Liz coordinates the Y’s development efforts allowing the Y to serve as many people in our community as possible. She leads the program team in the development, supervision and quality assurance of Y programs.

Years of YMCA service: Since 2008.

Why do you work for the YMCA: I love the opportunities we offer for people of all ages and abilities to engage in healthy activities. I also love the sense of community and connectedness that is tangible in our wonderful new facility. And finally, I love all the people – the donors, members, staff & volunteers who made the dream of this new Y a reality!

Your interests/passions: Spending time with my family & friends; walking & hiking; reading; cooking; sewing.

Your family: I live in Keene with my husband and two daughters.

Debby Ellison

Financial Assistance
Direct Line: 603.283.5254


Kelly Fleuette

Director of Child Care Services

Kelly leads the Y’s Child Care team in caring for hundreds of children annually through our Children’s Learning Center, Afterschool and Summer Camp Programs.

Years of YMCA service: Since 1998. I worked previously at both the Woonsocket YMCA in RI and Cape Cod YMCA in Ma.

Why do you work for the YMCA: I love the YMCA for the community atmosphere, the values we teach and for all the children and families we serve each and every day. It’s all about making a difference!

Your interests/passions: Spending time with my family and friends, and outdoor adventures.

Your family: I live in Rindge with my husband and three daughters.

Sam Hill

School’s Out 


Tammie Patnode

Business Manager

Tammie serves as a fiscal steward and HR director for the organization.

Years of YMCA service: Since 1998. I started my career at the YMCA as the Front desk Supervisor, then Membership/Marketing Director and in 2005 my current position of Business Manager.

Why do you work for the YMCA: I came to the YMCA from the banking industry I was looking to engage my children in the YMCA culture and it has become a way of life for us all. I truly believe in the mission of the YMCA and I am very glad that I have been able to be part of the journey that brought us to 200 Summit Road!

Your interests/passions: I love the outdoors, camping, hunting, fishing, boating spending time with family and friends! And of course my JOB!

Your family: I live in Swanzey with my husband of 25 years. We have two amazing children.

Ashlee Patnode

Gymnastics Coordinator


Marc Roberge

Swim Team Coach


Peter Sebert

Healthy Lifestyles Director

Peter leads the Y in all things health and wellness! He supervises the Y’s team of trainers and instructors, teaches classes, provides one-on-one orientation and support for members and serves as an advocate and liaison for community collaboration.

Years of Services with the YMCA: Since 2001. I started with the Keene Family YMCA as a fitness & group exercise instructor. I became a Senior Program Director and currently serve as Healthy Lifestyles Director.

Why do you work for the YMCA: I love the Y for the members here, the spirit, the fact that we all get to play together every day, and that no two days are ever the same.

Your interests/passions: My passions are climbing, soccer, and playing outside.

Your Family: I live in Peterborough NH with my wife and two sons.

Small PaulPaul Simpson

Aquatics Director

Years of Service: Hired in 2015 as the Aquatics Director

Why I work for the Y: I work for the Y because I am passionate about providing the space and support for others to improve their lives.

Interests/Hobbies/Passions: I am really interested in cooking, improving my swimming, and generally reading anything I can get my hands on.

Town of residence and family: I live in Keene, NH and have a brother who lives in Washington, DC.


Andrea Smart

Member Services Director

Andrea leads the Y’s Welcome Center team and supervises all things pertaining to membership services.

Years of YMCA Service: Hired in 2013 as Member Services Director
Why I work for the YMCA: I am honored to be a part of an organization with a strong focus on community and healthy living. I enjoy the enthusiasm and spirit evident in both members and staff at the Keene Family YMCA. I welcome the opportunity to interact with and encourage members as they work toward their personal goals. The YMCA makes a difference in peoples’ lives and I am fortunate to see it happen firsthand.

My Interests/Passions: Running, biking, hiking, kayaking, skiing, snowshoeing, reading, and spending time with my children.

My Family: I live in Keene with my two very active boys

Steve Snow

Facilities Manager

Tammi Squires


Monica Torney

Sports & Teen Coordinator

StacyStacy Wilbur

Health & Wellness Coordinator (Group Exercise)

Stacy leads our team of group exercise instructors and provides one-on-one orientation and support to our members.

Years of YMCA service: Since 2000. I started as a Child Watch volunteer. I have worked on the Front Desk, on the Fitness Center floor, as a group exercise instructor and bus driver. I am currently the Health and Wellness Coordinator.

Why do you work for the YMCA: I love working with the community and helping my neighbors learn how to make healthy lifestyle changes.

Your interests/passions: I enjoy camping, hiking and spending quality time with my family.

Your family: I live in Walpole with my husband and three sons.